quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010


Nicole Kidman, Charleston, East Sussex, England, 1997

(Presence and Charisma)

What I'm talking about is not always immediately visible to the naked eye. You sometimes become aware of it during the shoot when you look at a Polaroid or at the screen of a monitor. And it's not just that the camera loves these people's faces. There are quirky things about them that are also beautiful to photograph. The way Nicole Kidman looks from behind when she walks away, for instance. The way she stands. Not many people are good at standing.
Glamour is part of the quality I mean, but it manifest itself in situations that aren´t particularly glamorous. In 1997, when Nicole Kidman was in England, making the Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, I brought her to Charleston, the former home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, in Sussex. Kubruck had asked her to stay out of the sun for a year or something before they started filming, and her skin has very white. Almost translucent. She sat on the edge of a bed wearing nothing but a black turtle neck sweater, looking directly at the camera. Everything that you would think makes her a movie star was stripped away, and she still held the picture.

Annie Leibovitz, At Work

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liliana pacheco disse...

Fotogénica deve ser o seu nome do meio.

Maofalda disse...

a perna, o braço, o corpo... tudo é longo. A própria posição do corpo parece dar profundidade ao quarto. Até mesmo a linha do maxilar... perfeita! E o olhar... magnético, felino. O contraste do corpo meio descontraído (o braço parece estar morto) mas a cara bem firme. Faz-me lembrar uma coisa que vi na televisão: mesmo descontraído, criar tensão no corpo. Só assim conseguimos dar vida, movimento à fotografia mesmo quando temos que estar parados.