domingo, 8 de junho de 2008

boas ideias

"Once Discarded is a design concept by Claire Danthois of the UK. She believes that the sustainability movement is in the hands of the designers. Designers often have the power and skills necessary to recreate objects of value and use from refuse … a gifted and driven portion of the population that can offer greener options for those of us willing to seek them out. Reclaimed materials, like the Once a Gate shown above as a chair, can give great depth and character to simple fixtures by way of their markings and evidence of previous life. With such products as Once a Door and Once a Ladder in her portfolio Claire has taken reclaimed timber and added a personal and artistic touch creating value and meaning to her work." (visto em greenUPGRADER)

2 comentários:

paperdoll disse...

será que existe um once a camera? :)

dri disse...

humm... se encontrar aviso-te ;)