domingo, 25 de junho de 2006

Just keep on walking... the soundtrack keeps on changing, without warning, and trough streets that remind me why I love walking alone, I see your reflection on every window... not quickly enough to know that is you... just this weird feeling... keep on going, no time to stop.... keep on going, no time to think.... but I can’t do anything about the pictures that come knocking on my mind....put the music louder, trying to suffocate desperate thoughts… Alone on a train aimless in wonder; An outdated map crumbled in my pocket; But I didn't care where I was going; 'Cause they're all different names for the same place.... suddenly a nice shot, pick up the camera, secret smile, if I could do just this all my life. The music changed, so did I... still, can’t stop... there are allways things to keep on runing from.

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