sábado, 10 de maio de 2008

Marcas Portuguesas na Wallpaper*

"As much as we love pared-down beauty packaging, we can be persuaded to make room for prettiness in our bathroom cabinets too. The beautifully illustrated (and colourful!) examples of soaps, creams and gels that we’ve collected (as pictured), are all offerings of Portuguese cosmetics companies.
The striking, floral graphics have been used by established brands like Claus Porto and emerging ones, such as Beijaflor for a reason - we certainly can’t resist their charm." (Wallpaper*)

2 comentários:

O Meu Outro Eu Está a Dançar disse...

Está a aprender a ser cool, o portugês!

O Meu Outro Eu Está a Dançar disse...

que orgulho! :)

(é que a wallpaper é esquisita!)