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Proprieties: Pharmaceutical of grateful effectiveness in the prevention and the treatment of the shyness, shyness, nationalism, racism, and other wrongs of social order.

Composition: stay in a city of the EU to continue university studies

Indications: it favors the learning of languages, the sociability and the interest for the culture, the tolerance and the feeling of belonging to Europe

Posology: To administer at least once in a lifetime, preferably in young people.

Presentation: stays of 3 to 12 months

Contraindications: not described

Incompatibilities: the sentimental relationship in the country of origin can suffer damages, for what doesn't advice its simultaneous use.

Secondary effects: The mother language can suffer damages, as well as any studied third language (these symptoms disappear when abandoning the treatment); there can be an increase to the attendance to parties, promiscuity, inability of living again with the parents, criticizes of the domestic habit of origin, dependence of the e-mail. Multiplication of payments to Europe 15, travel through Europe to visit the friends, idealization of the medication.

Cautions: in some cases it was described dependence to the treatment and depression when abandoning him; if it is this way, to administer periodic trips in the city Erasmus until the dependence attenuated.

Warning: in some cases the patient had stayed in the welcome country; sometimes permanently.

Intoxication: the intoxication is rare, given its high therapeutic index. Prescription is not needed.

(I translated it from a Spanish text, so it’s no perfect, but still the idea was not lost)

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Pipsa disse...

"Dependence of the e-mail" ->

"Dependence of e-mail, blogger and messenger?"

silvia disse...

bitte pipsa!!!! Noch mal in internet!!!!Fräulein,kein Theater mehr!!!
I love the part of the damage of 3rd languages!!

am wand des frauenklo disse...

inability to live with parents

travelling through europe to see friends

..but mostly, who's the genius who wrote that? really. ich bin beeindrucken