terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013


"Mario'd fallen in love with the first Madam Psychosis programs because he felt like he was listening to someone sad read out loud from yellow letters she'd taken out of a shoebox on a rainy P.M., stuff about heartbreak and people you loved dying and U.S. woe, stuff that was real. It is increasingly hard to find valid art that is about stuff that is real in thus way. The older Mario gets, the more confused he gets about the fact that everyone at E.T.A. over the age of about Kent Blott find stuff that's really real uncomfortable and the get embarrassed. It´s like there's some rule that real stuff can only get mentioned if everybody rolls their eyes or laughts in a way that isn't happy."

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

(Desde o início, as minhas duas personagens favoritas.)

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SAM disse...

Estás mesmo a dar-lhe no livro. Muito bem. Também já começei mas ainda, de certeza, não avançei tanto quanto tu.

Caso não saibas quem é o SAM, é o Zé Pedro. ;-)

a. disse...

Já acabei Zé Pedro ;) mas é uma odisseia que vale muito a pena.