quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

inspiração: Erica Baum

"Fragments of an index," Baum writes (in a statement dated April 2000), "reveal the unexpected fictions, rhythms and poetry hidden with a book's internal system of reference... A tension is created between what is absent, the book, and what is present, the concatenation of sounds and meanings wrenched from their source.... When the index selections are xeroxed and enlarged other bits of visual information turn up haphazardly. The woven texture of a clothbound book and its pages, dots on the flatbed, and other pictorial noise are reworked into the final image which is then scanned in a computer and processed to create these digitally exposed white and dark dark blue C prints." (tirado daqui)

3 comentários:

fallorca disse...

Já passou :)

a. disse...

a entrega do portefolio é na terça, mas estava a precisar de uma pausa para perceber porque ando a gastar tempo nisto.. inspiração é a melhor maneira :)

fallorca disse...

Vai correr bem :)