segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

o tipo de fait divers que me encanta

"Vasily Kandinsky is one of the most important figures in the Modern movement in art, not merely because it was he who first arrived at the idea of total abstraction, but because he was at the centre of two major groups: der Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider), and the artists who worked at the Bauhaus. Nevertheless, his personality remains mysterious: as he himself admitted, secretiveness was one of his outstanding characteristics.


In 1886 he went to Moskow University to study Economics and Law. His interests broadened to Anthropology, and in 1889 he published his first essay, on some pagan relics of the East Finnish tribe of the Syrjaenen which he studied during an expedition to the remote Vologoda region. He was later to say that his art had been influenced by the bright colours and patterns he observed in the peasant houses there. For the moment, however, he returned to law; he seemed set for an academic or bureaucratic career. In 1892 he married his cousin, Anja Chimiakin; in 1893 he became an attaché at the Faculty of Law, Moskow University, and published another legal dissertation; an in 1895 he became Artistic Director of a printing plant in Moscow. Behind the conventional façade, however, other ideas and feelings were at work."

Edward Lucie-Smith, Lives of the Great Modern Artists

p.s. Acho piada a como esta parte da sua vida é contada (parece que o senhor simplesmente andou a perder tempo), mas confesso, gostava de saber qual foi o tema da dissertação em direito.

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