quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

da tradição

cá em casa, no dia dos reis come-se romã.

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Anne-Laure disse...

Hi Adri ! Are you living in France now ?
If so, let me know and I come to visit you !

Very exciting to get a chance to see you again !

dri disse...

No… I lived for six months in small urban area lost in the middle of Portugal and now I’m back in Lisbon. Why did you think I was living in France? Eheheh Would love to see you again, but I’m sure that it will involve one of us getting in a plain :) (still can´t believe you left me a message in english)

Anne-Laure disse...

Yes, I know. It is really weard that I am writting to you in English. But after living in Aussie, and especially since I started working there, my English growned faster that my German. I'm in Strasbourg until june, and then I will try lo leave again. But it seems very complicated. I will probably end up in Paris (which is not too bad).

I thought you were living in France cause I remembered you said you might get a chance to go there at the end of your studies and with the 2 french posters on your blog, I thought it came true ! As soon as I get enough money, I'm gonna visit you.

Are you writing a thesis or practicing as a lawyer ?