sábado, 25 de março de 2006

I miss you

And again I find myself in my city, rediscovering its streets, noticing the changes.... smiling when they are good ones. And when I'm walking, sometimes, for just a few seconds I recognise people that cannot be here, in Lisbon.... I'm day dreaming with other streets (with another city), with friends that are no longer part of my everyday life, and I stumble - not knowing why am I here. But still a part of me simply smiles, knowing that you are in my dreams when I go through my city, through all the places that I want to share with you.

This is especially for you Silvia - for asking me for a new post

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silvia disse...

THANKS!!!!!I miss u too a lot!!!Thanks for making new posts. You know?? after checking your blog twice a day for a week I could already tell you with my eyes closed how many draws are and how they look like in these Exposiçao post. But totally understandable your blog wasn´t your first thing in mind....so thanks a lot!!!
PS. I was with David in our store from our 5 Euros bags!!!